There exists a slight otherworldliness about Commander-in-Main Lio Convoy, a way that he’s functioning on a bigger picture and serving the next electricity. On landing with a World, he straight away results in being in tune with its purely natural harmonics and gets established to protect that environment.

By the time the Resistance had arrived at Iacon, and scouted the area, the massed Vehicon armies ended up almost on their own doorstep. Bordering the Large Pavillion, Lio declined to order shelling, not recognizing no matter if that may contact from the hordes or not. As his commanders went in, Lio lead the struggle in opposition to the Vehicons outside the house, until finally the Assembly Bunker rose into the sky in front of him. Pissed by the Exhibit of vanity, Lio swore to generate them pay back.

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B’Increase instructed maybe surrendering. Lio Convoy, nonetheless, recognized that would not make the Builders phone off their hellhound. If nearly anything, lifestyle beneath Vehicons would be a thousand times worse than dying.

The Maximals were quickly achieved by a trio known as the Jointrons, who arrived on Gaea’s Eastern continent and demonstrated their powerful Tripledacus combination. Imagining they might take on the whole Predacon army by themselves, the Jointrons flew into fight, followed by Bighorn, Diver, and Child, who had been concerned the Jointrons would just take each of the credit rating for your victory, or probably get themselves killed.

On landing, it turned out to incorporate Eject and Riker, who Lio was not accurately pleased to determine. The 2 termed him out on his selection, before revealing wherever Galva Convoy was holed up – while in the Grand Mal, and that Lio’s sword was their way in. Along with the Vehicons lacking sparks, they have been influenced via the sword’s ability to cover Lio from recording products. They had a chance, although Lio promised to sq. issues with Eject afterwards.

When Diver and Tasmania Child at some point showed up following a patrol, seemingly exhausted, Lio Convoy and the opposite Maximals set out to aid, but had been stunned in the event the two turned out to happen to be brainwashed into being Predacons! In the ensuing fight, Lio Convoy fought in opposition to Galvatron and was about to meet up with his close when an errant shot from Megastorm impacted both forces.

Ahead of leaving, Lio attained out for the Maximal Nation and also the Impartial Predacus States, asking for aid. Then, he aided lead the assault about the Yuss Batteries, one of many very last lines of defense just before Iacon, which had hardly ever been taken prior to in all of heritage. Lio read more was Element of the group who stormed Fort Qalt, however he did continue to keep in the rear echelons in deference to his troops’ issues.

When Megastorm and also the Seacons teamed up, Just about every of your Maximals was lured to the separate location by an Angolmois sign transmitter. Given that there have been only 5 Seacons, no-one was about to greet Lio Convoy when he Found his transmitter, apart from an effortlessly flummoxed Dirge and Thrust. The comedy duo had been instructed by Megastorm to blow hidden bombs within Every single of your transmitters if the Maximals bought within just vary, but Lio Convoy startled them into dropping and harming the cause system.

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I choose to tell you concerning the Transformers! This character short article is a stub and is particularly missing information on their fictional appearances. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.

A snap together design package of Lio Convoy was readily available as A part of Kabaya’s Beast Wars Gum, sculpted from purple and gold plastic. He could completely transform from robot to beast method by remaining broken down into its ingredient areas, then rebuilt into a new mode. It came using a stick of gum.

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